Pork Chop

Our Pork Chop is done with a special herb mixture that accentuates the flavour and smell of the fried pork. Be careful, you might be blown away.

Grilled Squid

With an italian twist to the ever so delicious Grileld Squid, we guarantee you’ll be asking for more.

Pork belly with porcini kidney beans

Our pork belly is flown straight from Australia, giving us the freshest meat you so deserved to be served with.

Cheese Pizza

The staple comfort food that can’t go wrong. We’ve tweaked it up a notch though, to feel ultimate comfort.

Linguine Seafood

Seafood and Linguine? I bet you have had many of these, but you have yet to try ours yet. Allow us to surprise you!

Funghi Portobello

Amazing grilled portobello mushrooms, their taste and texture resembles that of meat and how perfectly they compliment lamb.